TOP TEN TRICKSsnowboard.gif

10. Frontside 720
- The rider spins 720 degrees, or 2 full rotations.

9. Inverted 360
- An inverted aerial where the snowboarder performs a 360 degree flip.

8. Huge Air
- The rider launches into the air and performs a trick at extreme heights.

7. Backflip 360
- The rider spins 360 degrees while doing a backflip.

6. 900
- The rider spins 900 degrees, or 2 and a half rotations.

5. Frontside 1260
The rider spins 1260 degrees on this frontside. The frontside of the snowboard is the side where the toes rest; and the frontside of the snowboarder is the side to which his/her chest faces.

4. Double Frontflip Nosegrab
- The rider does 2 front flips while grabbing the front of the board.

3. Double Cork 720
- A Double-Cork refers to a rotation in which a snowboarder inverts or orients himself sideways at two distinct times during a 720 degree aerial rotation.

2. Backside Double Cork 1260
- The rider is on his backside while inverting himself sideways at two distinct times during an aerial rotation of 1260 degrees or 3 and a half spins.

1. Triple Backflip 360
- While spinning 360 degrees or 1 full spin, the rider does a triple backflip.

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