"Action sports have no cap. You make this cap but then some kid comes in and says no, where you just set the bar i'm starting and taking it so much further. So I think progression, that's what keeps our sport so gripping to the audience and so gripping to young kids coming in and are like cool you did that, i'm gunna take it to the next level that you never thought was possible. That's what makes our sport special."

- Keir Dillon, Pro Snowboarder

Pro Snowboarder, SHAUN WHITE is many things but most notably he's driven. At 24, he already holds many of the highest accolades within snowboarding and he's only getting started. An X Games double threat with medals in both snowboarding and skateboarding, as well as a gold medal from the 2006 Winter Olympics, Shaun White possesses insane skills and instantly recognizable looks. This amazing combination has made him one of the most recognizable sports figures of his time and he continues to CHALLENGE THE SPORT EVERYDAY.

In the back country, Shaun White and Red Bull quietly progress the sport of snowboarding. There's no doubting the most talented snowboarder of our time makes it look easy. But Shaun White never lets himself get comfortable. "You have to keep pushing yourself as an athlete." When you're at the top of the sport, that means pushing into unknown territory. In winter 2009, Shaun White teamed up with Red Bull to create a custom half pipe in the backwoods of Silverton, Colorado. It was here that Shaun White could invent a series of new tricks that would change the sport forever.



    The following page was created by Jessica Howarth, a student at the University of Ottawa pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce at the Telfer School of Management. I created this wiki in partial fulfillment of ADM1370. I have always loved snowboarding and enjoy watching it. Snowboarders like Shaun White push the sport to the extreme, always trying something different and raising the bar for other pro snowboarders. I'm not the best snowboarder, but I know that to be better you have to have no fear. Challenge yourself and give it all or you could get hurt. Theres always a risk, in everything you do. That's why I believe if you let your fear take over, that risk becomes a lot bigger.


    This assignment to use wikispaces allowed us to collaborate and work together to choose a topic we all enjoy and research about sports that give an adrenaline rush. Wiki is a good way to display our own individual topic and enables us to use videos, links and pictures to show the information.

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