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Eero is a phenomenon in his native Finland and his progressive, exciting style
has also won him countless fans across the world. He burst onto the international
scene in 2005 with victories at the Toyota and Speedy Experience Big Air events
in Japan and Brazil respectively, and then showed he could also mix it up on the
rails as well by taking first place at the O’Neill Snowboard Jam in Switzerland.

DIMI DE JONGEero_Ettala.jpgDimi started snowboarding at the age of 11 in the big fridge near his house inThe Hague, Holland. In 2006, Dimi came first at the Snow Angel by SL in Italy,which was a sign of things to come for the young Dutch rider.

He was a frequent visitor to the ski slopes from an early age, and at six his father put him on a snowboard for the first time. Manuel felt at ease on the board straight away and started to warm up to the sport. At the age of nine he won his first race, and a year later he took part in the first Big A Summer Camp. Pietropoli is a product of the new generation of snowboarders that learnt the sport straight away on the board rather than starting off on skis.


SEBASTIEN TOUTANTA legendary victory for Canadian freestyle snowboarder Sebastien Toutant at the 2010Air & Stylecontest in Beijing marked this young talent out as a future king of the board. The Slopestyle and Big Airace has his sights firmly set on anX Games win and there is little doubt he has the skills to achieve his dream.

Heikki Sorsa started snowboarding at the age of 13, when
he got bored with skiing. It was in Mustavaara, near the Sorsafamily
cottage, where he first stood on a snowboard. And that
seriously was it for him - Heikki hasn’t since been seen on skis.
“Snowboarding literally just blew me away, it was just so different
and relaxed,” he says. “There are no limits in this sport, you can
always learn just as much new as you wish.”

PAT MOOREPat Moore is both jack and master of all trades when it comes to snowboarding.One year he’s greasing rails for slopestyle accolades and taking a pass throughthe Grand Prix halfpipe. The next he’s become the new king of massive airs andskipping contests to build banging video parts.Through all the manifestations, Pat found the ability to fly.

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