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Red Bull is a leader in advertising and promoting the sport of base jumping. They hold events and invest money in the sport and its athletes to help the sport grow. These contests help promote some of the sports up and comming athletes as well as the more experienced and well known ones. The "worlds fastest flying human being" contest is exactly one of these events which Red Bull has put on in order to expose the sport of Wingsuit Base Jumping to the public. This head-to-head flying challenge sees 32 wingsuit BASE jumpers head to Innfjorden Norway, in order to see who can fly the fastest over a 750m horizontal racing line.

Red Bull also helps promote individual jumps, jumps which are a higher degree of difficulty. These individual events are also a great help in promoting the sport and bring more athletes to the sport. Recently, Red Bull put on the Rozov event where it annouced that the Russian Valery Rozov became the first man ever to climb the 9,616-foot-high Mount Ulvetanna and base jump off.