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- the world's most challenging motorsp´╗┐ort .

WHAT IS RALLY RACING ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rally racing also known as rallying is a form of car race that is participated on public or private roads. These roads are modified production or specially built road-legal cars. Rallying is known as taking its course on a non circuit but more of a point A to point B in which the driver and its co-driver drive between certain set control points. This motorsport is not necessarily won by the speed the driver drives but more on how the driver drives through the

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World Rally Championships
Dakar Rally
The Cars

To learn more about rally racing all around the world visit the WRC site at, or follow them on Facebook( and/or twitter (!/OfficialWRC/)



The following page was created by Marie-Elyse McGuire, a student at the University of Ottawa pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce option Marketing at the Telfer School of Management. I created this wiki in partial fulfillment of ADM1370. I chose rally racing because my best friend is a racer and I thought it was an exciting motor sport and wanted to know more. This project gave me the opportunity to learn and really appreciate how intense this sport is. Even though is considered to be the most challenging motor sport, I am now dreaming of being my best friend's co-pilot and getting the adrenaline rush !

This assignment to use wikispaces allowed us to collaborate and work together to choose a topic we all enjoy and research about sports that give an adrenaline rush. Wiki is a good way to display our own individual topic and enables us to use videos, links and pictures to show the information.

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