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Wingsuit Base Jumping's most famous icon, Douggs aka Chris McDougall has close to 2,000 base jumps. The Australian has several titles in the base jumping world championships for both individual and team acrobatics. Douggs comes from a skydiving background where he has done close to 7,000 dives, has won 12 gold medals and holds several world records. Douggs has been base jumping for 13 years now and continues to work to promote the sport. He has brought fame and publicity to the sport of base jumping through TV shows such as the Australian Story: "Mad World" as well as the countless short aerial films he has shot. His efforts have brought some of the big name sponsors such as Red Bull to the sport of Wingsuit Base Jumping, who have helped promote the sport. They also help other athletes realize some of the most amazing jumps that the human race has ever seen.

Go Soft and Live! 2010 from douggs on Vimeo.

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